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Export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in just 1 click with our Chrome Extension and enrich them with verified emails and phone numbers.

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Export leads
from Sales Navigator
with verified emails.

In this video you will discover how to find leads on Sales Navigator and how to export them in Scalelist to create a stunning list of prospects with valid email addresses.


Install Chrome extension


Use Sales Navigator to find leads


Extract these leads in Scalelist


Get a clean list with valid emails

For LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Use our Chrome extension to find emails from lead searches or handpick them one by one.

Export entire Sales Navigator searches.

Get professional emails of individual leads on LinkedIn.

Get professional emails of individual leads on Sales Navigator.

qualified audience
qualified audience

Just one click.

We speed up your list building process.

Get your email list in just one click.

Fast & secure processing.

Fully integrated in your LinkedIn UI.

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Get Professional Emails.

We’re carefully providing professional emails we have verified for you to use.

Verified valid emails.

Avoid bounces.

Don’t get charged for catch all emails.

qualified audience
qualified audience

Clean and ready to use for your CRM or Emailing tool.

Our AI cleans special characters, all caps, emojis and removes all unnecessary text so you don't have to do it.

No more “Ltd” “LLC” “Limited” and other company name variations.

Get rid of emojis and all caps.

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10+ useful data points.

Data enrichment.

Accurately verified from LinkedIn.

qualified audience
qualified audience

Organise your lists.

Easy to use dashboard.

Export lists to CSV.

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4.5/5 on the Chrome Store

This extension has saved my team and I loads of time for lead generation. It's easy to use and well designed!

Emily Kellert

Project Manager

Project Manager

Saved us so much time cleaning spreadheets and finding emails for prospecting new clients 👌

Julien Verriez

Sales manager

Sales manager

An extension that surely helps you with your lead generation journey. Got a lot of valid emails.

Lou Lumagbas

Growth Specialist

Growth Specialist

Create your ideal prospect list today!

Export leads from Sales Navigator and build verified email lists in no time with Scalelist.

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